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I was able to take some of these ideas and take action and turn around a client within 2-days. Thanks for this Danielle! ~Mindy M.


When I first started out as a coach and strategist, I would see facebook posts and ads like this and maybe you can relate...

-- "Make $10k per month consistently"
​-- "Make $20k per month consistently"
​-- "Make $30k per month consistently"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...we get it - you guys make a ton of cash per month," is what I thought.

I would watch the trainings and be super disappointed because I truly felt like they were leaving out what was really getting them into those numbers.

Fast-forward several years, several trial and errors, and many, many, MANY dead-ends and I've figured it out. I now know how they've been doing it, and so I decided to tell you the same thing I would have loved to have know back then.
And it's complimentary, no sign up. Just give yourself an hour and some pens and papers to write notes!

  • Learn the little known secrets to big cash months

    When I finally figured this piece out I was super surprised. It wasn't what I had expected at all! AND once I learned this piece of the puzzle, my monthly income skyrocketed...ON AUTOPILOT! I didn't have to work harder or more hours, which left room for more clients and cash flow.

  • Discover step-by-step on how to pivot your products to serve you and your clients better

    One of the other discoveries was that it takes just as much energy to sell and convert people into high tickets as it does to low tickets. Learn more on how to create high ticket products for faster success.

  • Implement as you go...

    You want to bring a pen and paper to this webinar, we're going to implement strategies as we go. Get ready for some fast action mindset shifts and implementable steps to creating your consistent income.

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