Forget signing up for another summit, join in on a LIVESTREAMING event with Boutique Agency Owners, Coaches, and Consultants who have gotten their hands dirty in the entrepreneurial space to give you the real deal in building a sustainable, online business...NO FLUFF...ALL REAL STUFF!

What is this shindig all about?

This is about you, the busy business owner…

The solopreneur (aka lone wolf)…

The coach with all the hats (and too many at that!)…

The speaker without a stage to speak on…

THERE’S GAPS AND CRACKS in your every day that is keeping you from scaling and gaining the expert status visibility you know you deserve


Here’s how we’re going to help you…


This is an intensive 3-day LIVESTREAM event. This isn’t just come and stop in when you feel like it. This is drop everything you’re doing for 3-DAYS, bring pens, a large notebook, and put your thinking cap on because it’s about to get real!


We’ll be diving in deep to what’s working with your business, what’s not working, and what you have no idea how to move forward with. Special emphasis on…

  • Your marketing – online and offline strategies that actually work and get you clients

  • Lead generation – Forget about banging your head against the wall trying to figure out lead generation, we’ll show you how to gain 5-10 new leads per day using our proven strategies (that we use in our own businesses)

  • Product development – If you’re not closing sales, your products aren’t drool-worthy. Get training on how to create massive success with your products and services.

  • Ready to speak on stages? You’re not alone! There’s training on how to do just that and how to create presentations that basically sell themselves.

  • How would you like to ONLY WORK 2-days per week? Yup, we’re covering productivity and efficiency too, not just so we can get everything done during the three-days we are together, but so you can get more done during the weeks after the event.

  • Mindset and relationships are key to any well-rounded business owner and we’re covering that too!







The music doesn't have to move you, and dancing isn't a pre-req! We do like to have our fun and get moving and excited as we learn. This even is perfect for those who are looking to take their business to the next level. The ones who are tired of trying to figure it out on their own, and who want to hang out with a cool bunch of speakers, PR specialists, podcast and live event hosts, and industry experts (who know what it takes to be successful and aren't scared of sharing it all)! If you're the following, we want you to come and learn with us...

  • Coaches, Being a coach and navigating the in person and online space can be challenging and frustrating. Our speakers want to make the process easier for you. Learn smart marketing strategies from those who have gone before you. Learn how to attract and align with your ideal clients in a way that will up level your business quickly and connect the dots in your business, so you can create opportunities and close more sales with your prospects.

  • Consultants, Find the gaps and missing pieces in your business. Entrepreneur City Live is about sharing strategies and methodologies that have real, long lasting results. You’ll find ways to create more profits in your bottom line, and fund your bigger visions with your business. You’ll discover new ways to speak to prospects and lesson the time from first contact to paying client. Learn how to revolutionize your business in a bigger way for bigger impact.

  • Service-Based Business Owners​, You run a business, yet it feels like it runs you! Learn smart tactics to up your service-based business game, market yourself in a way that aligns with your values, and start stepping into a millionaire mindset to take your service based business past any glass ceilings you’ve created for yourself!

  • Speakers and Authors​, You’re an expert in your craft, yet the competition in not only deafening to your ears, but also to the ears of your ideal prospects. Learn how to be visibility in a crowded marketplace, learn how to utilize the power of platforms and social media so you can fully share your gifts and your greatness!

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