Entrepreneur City Live

Charlotte North Carolina November 1-3

Digital Workshops

We missed you at the Entrepreneur City Live event this past November! You missed an amazing group of speakers and experts! NO WORRIES, we've got the digital downloads for you at early bird pricing. Grab the downloads now and watch them, get special discounted offers and get the very best tips and tricks to help you grow your powerful platforms, and bring in multiple streams of income in your business! 

$97 for Loral Langemeiers Replay & All Workshop Trainings

What will you learn at Entrepreneur City Live the
Digital Version?

  • 1

    How to take your business to the next level and bring in multiple streams of income

  • 2

    How to build out your social media as a platform

  • 3

    How to sell your products and services confidently and with ease

  • 4

    How to get a TedX Talk

  • 5

    And so much more!

Speaker and Topics

Day 1 Agenda:

Keynote Speaker – Loral Langemeier

Jennifer Dunham – Leverage, Streamline and Scale: The Keys to Leads and Cash without Sacrifice

Barbera Aimes – Instant Tribe, Instant Authority, Endless Clients

Allyson Chavez – Success Without Struggle: Winning the Inner Game of Business

Brian McNeill – How to Open A Sales Conversation

Lefford Fast – Rock it Like Ted: How to Rock a Ted Talk


Day 2 Agenda:

Marc Mawhinney – How To Grow A Profitable Facebook Group ... Without Spending A Penny!

Dana Pharant – Become a Badass in Business


Gladys Diaz & Michelle Roza – Decoding the Opposite Sex: How to Understand, Communicate, and Connect with Your Partner to Create More Success

Erik Clark – LinkedIn Success for Small Business

Melody Spencer – Marketing With Your Heart: Translating Your Passion and Purpose into Digital Advertising

Sean Douglas – Live Your Brand: Transformational Strategies For Entrepreneurs & Service Based Industries



Erik Haskin, Entrepreneur City Live attendee



Keegan White, Entrepreneur City Live attendee


David Frankel, Entrepreneur City Live attendee


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$97 for Loral Langemeiers Replay & All Workshop Trainings

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