San Diego, CA
October 18-19 (general admission)
October 20th (VIP Media Day)

Visibility, Connection, and Powerful Business Building.
​That's what EC Live is about!

Building a business is hard. And sometimes lonely. And as you're growing it's easy to fall into:

👉 Second guessing yourself

👉 Cookie cutter business building

👉 Ineffective sales strategies

👉 Losing your way and looking for leads in ALL the wrong places

👉 And not fully understanding who your target market is...


Let's get real. You've decided on building your business for a reason, and we're here to make sure you build it confidently, and with the STRONG foundations.


At EC Live we'll tackle the HARD STUFF when it comes to success in business like:


👏 Sales

👏 Visibility

👏 Lead Generation

👏 Social Media Marketing

👏 PR and Media Outreach

👏 Funding and Financing


We're here to help you get...


to the REAL entrepreneurial problems...

Let's build your empire, and your next steps with strategies that work (rather than the next big gimmick) when it comes to your business success!



2019 Highlights

Take a peek of the awesomeness what you're in store for!

Let's breakdown the event...

  • In three days, you’ll experience some of the most brilliant minds in the industry who have built 7-figure businesses and know what it takes to LIVE YOUR DREAMS.

    Imagine if you could…


    🎉 Know that every strategy you put in place would net positive results over and over again.

    🎉 Understand your unique selling proposition and utilize that effectively and have swarms of clients coming to you (rather than you chasing them down).

    🎉 Create powerful connections with colleagues and like-minded people so you can both reach the next level of your business.


    You can and you will have…

    • Clarity
    • Connection
    • Confidence
    • Creativity


    And walk away with:


    - A plan in place to be more visible and known for your expertise

    - Clarity on what makes you unique and special in your industry

    - Fast action strategies to build your social media and lead generation

    - New ways of creating success in your business that work

    - Knowledge on media outlets that will position you in a much bigger way

    And much more!


    Here’s the breakdown:


    2-days of trainings from industry experts and speakers who absolutely know what you need to do immediately to get results now. You’ll create your next level steps from with their brilliance. There are also special networking opportunities and Vegas style entertainment during the two days so you can connect, collaborate, and create lasting relationships with other brilliant business owners and entrepreneurs.


    For those who want to upgrade, you can experience Day 3 VIP and dive deeper into

    PR and Media


    👀 Speaking and Selling From ANY Platform

    👀 How to Overcome Mindset Traps that Keep You Stuck

    👀 How to Solidify More Podcast Interviews (and get access to a massive directory)

    👀 Plus, breakfast and lunch will be provided! Click the button below to look at the schedule and lineup!



Ready to meet your speakers? They’re incredible, with a proven track record of success!

Ok, so you’ve got your business, you’ve had success, and you’ve been through it all. The ups and downs, the second-guessing, the unknown factors, the surprises, the failures…and guess what? Our speakers have been there before too!

In entrepreneurship it takes more than a village…it takes a city and a city of experts where you can tap into their brilliance, take a peek behind the curtains of success, and learn the secret sauce to what makes a successful business. Take a look at these incredible experts and local to Atlanta panelist and what they’ll be teaching you at Entrepreneur City Live!

Jane M. Powers

Let’s Talk Impact: Monetize Your Message From Any Platform

Bill Walsh

How to connect with Millionaires

Tammy Lane

Bring in an Automatic Flow of Clients Using Facebook Ads

Barbera Aimes

Spotcast™ Perpetual Warm Leads Generation & Visibility Platform

Angela Tuccy

3 Keys to Mastering Media & Marketing

Jenny Harkleroad

Reprogram Your Mind to Achieve Ultimate Success!



Francine Tone

Winning a Lawsuit Could be Your Worse Nightmare. Don’t Let That Become Your Story.



Dr. Sharon Jones

Innovative Systems to Streamline for Scaling

Eileen E Galbraith

How to position your business credit to receive funding, and loans.

Matthew Clark

How To Generate 2 - 5 High Quality Leads Per Day From LinkedIn Without Paying For Ads!

Your Hosts!

The Masterminds behind Entrepreneur City Live!

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark

Danielle is an international best-selling author, speaker and CEO of Entrepreneur City Live events and works with influencers and mission-based entrepreneurs to help them create impact, influence and powerful platforms. With over a decade of experience in online marketing and business strategy, she supports 6-figure and 7-figure business owners in building their dream business, while creating their impact in the world.

Erik Clark

Erik is an experienced management consultant with a track record of developing and implementing simple yet powerful business strategies to understand today’s most critical business issues. Erik has worked with Fortune 500 companies across the globe and his insight has provided valuable strategic insight for retail, industry, private equity, and public-sector clients in the areas of business strategy, finance, operations strategy, and IT.


10/18 - Matt Clark

10/18 - Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark

10/18 - Tammy Lane

10/18 - Angela Tuccy (Lunch and Learn)

10/18 - Dr. Sharon Jones

10/18 - Jase Souder (After Hours Entertainment)

10/19 - Jane M. Powers

10/19 - Erik Clark

10/19 - Jennifer Harkleroad

10/19 - Francine Tone (Lunch and Learn)

10/19 - Barbera Aimes

10/19 - Eileen Galbraith

*Note: Times and speakers are subject to change up until the day before the event


The music doesn't have to move you, and dancing isn't a pre-req! We do like to have our fun and get moving and excited as we learn. This even is perfect for those who are looking to take their business to the next level. The ones who are tired of trying to figure it out on their own, and who want to hang out with a cool bunch of speakers, PR specialists, podcast and live event hosts, and industry experts (who know what it takes to be successful and aren't scared of sharing it all)! If you're the following, we want you to come and learn with us...

  • Coaches, Being a coach and navigating the in person and online space can be challenging and frustrating. Our speakers want to make the process easier for you. Learn smart marketing strategies from those who have gone before you. Learn how to attract and align with your ideal clients in a way that will up level your business quickly and connect the dots in your business, so you can create opportunities and close more sales with your prospects.

  • Consultants, Find the gaps and missing pieces in your business. Entrepreneur City Live is about sharing strategies and methodologies that have real, long lasting results. You’ll find ways to create more profits in your bottom line, and fund your bigger visions with your business. You’ll discover new ways to speak to prospects and lesson the time from first contact to paying client. Learn how to revolutionize your business in a bigger way for bigger impact.

  • Service-Based Business Owners, You run a business, yet it feels like it runs you! Learn smart tactics to up your service-based business game, market yourself in a way that aligns with your values, and start stepping into a millionaire mindset to take your service based business past any glass ceilings you’ve created for yourself!

  • Speakers and Authors, You’re an expert in your craft, yet the competition in not only deafening to your ears, but also to the ears of your ideal prospects. Learn how to be visibility in a crowded marketplace, learn how to utilize the power of platforms and social media so you can fully share your gifts and your greatness!

Venue and Accommodations

The venue for the event will be at the The Westin San Diego Gaslamp Quarter​

Click here to get Google Map Directions from the San Diego Airport (only a 13 minute drive!)


Ready to meet fellow attendees and share in the EC Live fun? You’ll also get the newest up to date information on what’s happening with speakers, a sneak peek at our event prizes, and even scholarships opportunities from EC Live and our sponsors! Follow #entrepreneurcitylive and come join us in the Entrepreneur City Live Facebook Group 


Join your fellow attendees, speakers, panelists, event influencers and the EC Live staff to wind down after Day 1 learning! We've got Jase Souder providing us entertainment in the form of hypnosis for a fun after hours event and bring your business cards to network!


One of the best parts of live events is the networking opportunities! We’ll have special off-site offerings to go and check out the city and some of our favorite local activities and adventures. Ticket holders get updates and exclusive invites to make the most out of the event and connect with fellow attendees! Once you grab your ticket, you’ll be added to our updates list where we’ll email you about all this amazingness!


The learning starts before the event! We want to help you before we even meet you in person! Starting the week of September 30th, we’ll be offering a roadmap for attendees that goes for 14 days leading up to the event. Even if you are buying right before the event, you'll get access to freebies and recordings of our experts and speakers! 


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What’s the schedule for the general admission event? 

What’s the schedule for the VIP day (general admission plus Day 3)? 

Another amazing question! On Day 3, October 20th we'll have breakfast and meet and greet from 8a-9a and you'll hear from Jane Powers, Fran Tone, Angel Tuccy and Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark for Media Day! We'll talk about PR, Visibility, Podcasting, and Selling from any Platform. LIMITED SPACES! We only have enough room for 30 VIPs and these will sell out fast!

Travel, Lodging and Lunch; What’s included?

Who is this event for?

What do I wear?

I’m a speaker and want to speak at an EC Live event! How do I do that?

Contact Us!

​You've got questions? We've got answers! Feel free to email us at and someone from our team will answer you within 24-hours.


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Entrepreneur City Live Attendee

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